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The summary comes at the end of assignments or projects. Summarisation is one of the essential parts. Well, students may think that writing a summary is easy. They may also feel that they can write it quickly by taking and explaining points from the main content. Generally, many people do face issues while they sit to write a summary.

Specific guidelines are needed to be followed while writing a summary. Now in case, you are thinking of consulting academic writing services to overcome the hurdle, hold on for a moment.

Let’s discuss a few ways, with the help of which you will write a clear summary.
1. Read – Well, this is the first thing which you will have to do after you finish writing. By reading, you will be able to know about the important points. The thing is, you will not have to register about everything. In the main points sum up the important points. Professional online academic writing services know how to write a summary.
2. Take notes – Sometimes, it may even be next to impossible to read the whole work. Suppose you have a tight deadline, and then you will not read the entire assignment. In that case, to save time you can do one thing. Just take notes while writing. By this, you will be able to write a clear summary, and you will also not have to read a single line.
3. Outline – It happens with all of us while writing. The thing is you may think that you are going to write something and when the time comes you forget the things. Well, you can avoid this. You can take notes while writing. After registering, you will have to look at the notes. Easily the notes will make you remember what you will have to write in summary. By this only, you will be able to write a clear statement quickly.
4. Keep in short – Yes, as said earlier that you will not have to include all the information. Always include the most important points and keep them short and straightforward. In any way, readers will not read the end part with total concentration, and they might get impatient. That is why keep it short but always try to always include the vital points. Also, keep one more thing in mind, do not include any kinds of statistics, data or facts. Just write the main points.
5. Clear writing – Your writing should be clear. It must not consist of any kinds of complex words or long paragraphs. The thing is that the readers will already read the main content. And the main content will consist of heavy facts, graphs, information and many other things. That is why you should keep the summary simple. This will help the readers to grasp what you write in the summary. If you make it too complex then there are chances that the readers may ignore the whole summary.
6. Organised – You must follow the format such as introduction, main content and conclusion. In the introduction part, you can explain the main reason behind doing this assignment. The main content will consist of a small revision of the facts. In the conclusion part you can write what you have learnt. You can also add what are the issues and problems that you have faced while doing this assignment.
7. Maintain the order – For example, a story is there, and just like any other story, it follows a few particular events. While writing the summary of that story, do always follow that specific chronological order. In that way, the readers will not have to face any issues while reading the synopsis. They will know what happened after what.
8. Paraphrase – Stop using direct quotes from the text. It will increase the plagiarism of your work. That is why I always paraphrase any direct quotes. Paraphrasing will help you to decrease plagiarism, and also, you will be able to include any kinds of quotes or facts by using your own words. Plagiarism does affect the quality of the project or assignment. Always check for plagiarism before submitting your work.
9. Don’t follow the original material – While writing does not follow the original material. Just take a look at the original one and use your own words to write it. That way you will not simply repeat the actual lines which you have already written. The information and facts will be the same but the way of writing or the actual lines will not be the same.
10. Be objective – You will not write your own point of view. A summary is a report which you have written after reading another writer’s work. Also, keep one more thing in mind. Do not include any new information or fact in the summary which is not there in the main content. You can only add that information which is already there in the main context.
11. Ask for help – Even after following all the guidelines and points, it may happen that you will make mistakes. Yes, you will make mistakes and even have donuts. It can thus be suggested to always ask for help. It can be from your seniors or from your teachers. But, it is always better to take time, understand and then write than to write without understanding.


It can thus be said that people writers will have to spend time when they will sit to write the summary. The points will guide you and help you to write a clear summary. Follow these points and always ask for help if you need them.

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