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These days, contemporary style is one of the most popular choices for arranging your kitchen.
Simple forms, practical character and elegant, minimalistic forms – these characteristics of a modern design make it so dominant. However, it is not an easy task to design a kitchen that is true in every aspect to the concept of a modern design. Even if you think you know all the basics, without a proper list, you might get lost mid-way through the chaos that is designing and creating a kitchen.
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To spare you the trouble, we created a list of the most important things to think about while creating your own, truly modern kitchen.
So, whether you are new to the concept, or just need some clear and summarized guide to lead you through all the modern kitchen shenanigans, stay with me and enjoy these twelve, useful tips:

1.The door

At first glance, seems trivial – after all, it is just the door, how much impact can they really have on the character of our kitchen?
The answer is – a lot. To spare you the embarrassment of inviting a guest to show him your modern kitchen, only for him to say your kitchen is not modern before even opening the door, let us give you this piece of advice – flat panel door.
A modern black kitchen with steel fixtures and flat pannel doors.
While sometimes also called slab-door, it is the staple of a modern kitchen. If you want to design a modern kitchen which stays as true to the modern design as possible, pick these. You will thank us later.

2.Flat cabinet fronts

Modern kitchen means simple forms. If you dream of a modern kitchen, choose cabinets with simple fronts – without any furrows, millings or decorations. Lacquered, highly glossy fronts are a great choice, especially those of white or black color.

3.Simple construction

Staying in the realm of kitchen cabinets, it is just as important to pick those of a correct construction. If we are to design a modern kitchen true to all the cardinal rules, we should pick cabinets that cover their frame.
A simple modern and minimalistic kitchen for bachelors.
There are two main types of kitchen cabinets – those that cover the frame, and those with fronts hidden inside the cabinet ( it is quite easy to distinguish one type from the other, as the second type has a visible frame going around the cabinet doors). Why is it so important? A modern kitchen focuses on minimalism, so any additional elements such as the frame, interfere with the straight lines of kitchen furnishing.

4.Modern appliances

We have already covered, in our previous articles, the proper types of kitchen appliances for a modern kitchen. If you have not read it already, you might want to get back to it now. Short version is – if you can, pick the appliances that have the option to be built in the furniture of your kitchen.
That way, you can hide them behind the minimalistic forms of your cabinets. If you manage to do that, your kitchen will acquire a homogeneous design, and the appliances won’t look detached from the rest of it.

5.Lack of ornamentation

The rule of minimalism and lack of unnecessary decorations does not only apply to the cabinets and drawers – stay away from colorful stickers, blurry tiles or other kinds of mismatched decorations. At first sight, your modern kitchen should resemble a lab. While, of course, it should not go too far – it is a kitchen after all, that is the first impression it should make. Clean, ergonomic and deprived of all obstacles and unnecessary items.

6.The materials to use

The final effect highly depends on the type of materials used. If you want to bring the modern feeling into your kitchen, reach out for natural, precious materials. The subtle texture of marble or natural wood will easily find their place in a modern kitchen. One thing to remember – when going to a material depot, there is a lot to choose from. We can not only pick the type of material, but also the very kind of it – its structure included. When choosing wood for your kitchen, do not pick one with too erratic tree rings. Remember to keep it simple.
Of course, there is no need to restrain yourself only to the natural materials – while quartz, marble, soapstone, copper and granite are all spectacular choices for designing a modern kitchen, you can also use recycled glass or cement, or even concrete. There is a lot to choose from, just remember to keep it true to the spirit of a modern kitchen – everything has to be simple, tidy and solid.

7.Follow the latest trends in kitchen design

Most of us are already familiar with the concept of a kitchen open at your living room, and with a kitchen island. How about two islands though? A peninsula?
Considering kitchen is the most expensive room to overhaul, it is best to check out all the new big things in kitchen design before we get to arranging our own. Chances are, we are going to stay with it for years to come, so better think it through. It is always better to spend some more time on it now, or even wait a bit before getting to it, than regret it later.

8.Horizontal lines

This is the very core of a modern kitchen – the horizontal lines. Staying true to this rule is what separates real modern kitchen from poor imitations. So for your own sake, better respect it. Since a modern kitchen is a kitchen that is spacious and light above all else, we have to design the entire interior with that in mind. Nothing underlines the feeling of space as well, as omnipresent horizontal lines. A modern kitchen relies on the rows of simple cabinets, with long shelves above them and a horizontal counter top. Even the cabinet handles should be placed in a way that creates a horizontal line. If you are not a big fan of handles, think about a tip-on system that makes them obsolete altogether.
If you want to bring the spirit of horizontal lines to a whole new level, you can think about filling all the possible gaps between separate cabinets, be it the lower or upper ones, with panels that look just like them.

9.Cohesive additions

Modern kitchen is not only about rows of cabinets, hidden appliances and the rest of the stuff we already covered. The illumination, table and stools also have to be of the same style as your kitchen furniture. When picking these additional elements of your kitchen, follow the same set of rules – simple, horizontal lines, minimalism. If you want to add a touch of color to your kitchen, also remember to keep it gentle and elegant. How about a stylish backsplash?
While the lacquered cabinets are a good solution for your modern kitchen, it does not mean we can’t incorporate some more lively additions. Colorful vases, figurines or flowers are all welcome, as long as you do not make your kitchen look like a flea market.

10.Think about the must-haves before designing your modern kitchen

Most people design their kitchens first, and think about the items of everyday use later. This might be a big mistake, considering there is no place for chaos in a modern kitchen. If you make a list of all the smaller kitchen appliances, such as a coffee machine, that you are going to have, you won’t have to worry later about where to place it.
As we already said, all the additions have to be cohesive in style with your kitchen design, so think about all the smaller stuff before you get to the big ones. In a modern kitchen, you have to carefully plan your space, and every item has to have its place ready for it to take.

11.High-tech or industrial elements

Your kitchen might get enhanced by various additions in the style of high-tech or industrial. Raw concrete, chrome or brushed aluminum are all perfect matches for simple furniture and lack of other types of textures. Putting at your table a few high-tech appliances will also blow a breath of fresh, modern character into your kitchen, which is so sought after.

12.Illuminating your modern kitchen

While your kitchen illumination should, above all else, provide enough light needed for house inhabitants to prepare and eat delicious food, in the era of energy efficient LED systems, illumination also works as an important element of design. LED technology is currently the most popular and most effective way for a functional illumination of your kitchen, and stays true to the modern spirit of our kitchen.
Installing LED systems is both easy and practical, and should not cause you any problems if you try to do it yourself. All you have to do is buy some LED tapes or LED clips, and attach them wherever desired. Some of the most popular spots for LED lights to be placed are:
• Under the counter tops
• Under the cabinets
• On the suspended ceiling
Despite that, the possibilities are endless and depend only on your imagination. Just remember not to disrupt the straight and simple style of a modern kitchen – try not to overlap the light streams if possible, keep it elegant and to the point.

13. A modern kitchen is more than just a kitchen

Now that we have covered the kitchen aspects of your kitchen, let’s go a bit further than that. Modern kitchens, especially those that are open and connected with a living room, are much more than what their name indicates. As much as I hate to use such overused statements, modern kitchen is not only a kitchen, it is a way of life.
That is why the rest of your house, especially the room you chose to be connected to the kitchen, should be kept in the same style. And if they are, well, basically the same room, why not mix it up a bit?
As we said previously, some high tech accent points are completely acceptable in a modern kitchen. So why not put up a flat TV screen in your kitchen? As long as its style abides by the rules stated previously, everything will be just fine.
That would be it, when it comes to listing the main directions you should go for, and those you should avoid, when trying to design a modern kitchen. Remember, these are just the guidelines – some things are crucial, such as the emphasis on horizontal lines, some leave much more leeway when it comes to incorporating them in your kitchen. In any case, we are sure that if you, more or less, follow our tips, your kitchen will stay true to the spirit of modern design, while being a spectacular interior both to live in and to visit.
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