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It is easy to generalise the information in personal injury cases. However, each case is unique and has unique needs, and people should realise this aspect.
Your case situation, details, and other factors can impact the timeline of your claim and the measures you will take to submit a lawsuit.
Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Glasgow will review your case and make a personal injury claim that has the best chance of success. Look at the process right now:

4 Steps of The Personal Injury Claim Process

The person who makes a personal injury lawsuit is the plaintiff. You are the person who has been injured because another party, as defendant, has breached their duty of care. You can choose to submit a case for several situations. Look at some of the most common situations now:
• Accidents due to motorcycle, car or truck
• Accidents due to bicycle or pedestrian
• Accidents due to slip or fall
• Accidents due to an animal or dog attack
• Accidents due to medical malpractice
• Injuries due to defective products
A competent personal injury solicitor can help determine the worth of your case so that you can successfully recover your compensation.

Send a formal letter of demand

At first, a formal letter of demand is sent to the defendant’s insurer. Your competent solicitor can help create this letter and make sure it contains all the necessary information. All information should be pertinent for the letter to be accepted. The important points to be included in a personal injury claim letter are:
• Injury or damage cause
• Type of injuries or losses suffered
• Current and future medical care and treatment
• Lost wages and/or loss of earning capacity
• Property damage
• Vehicle damage repair
• Damages and prejudices
At this time, the insurer may submit a compensation offer or disagree with your claim. Typically, the first severance offer is “low”, as insurers are commercial entities and want to save a lot.
A competent solicitor at this stage will help decide if the amount offered is reasonable or work to appeal a refused claim.

File the personal injury claim lawsuit

If the negotiations are useless after many days or the insurer does not offer a fair amount, you must file a lawsuit. Indeed, a solicitor will help you at this stage.
In the lawsuit, the solicitor will present the basic arguments for why you deserve to receive compensation. The solicitor will also request that the court require the at-fault party to pay financial compensation. This letter also lets the defendant know about the lawsuit and gives them the chance to respond to it.

The process of discovery

Your solicitor will deal with every stage of the process on your behalf. This part of the injury claim process relies on the solicitor’s investigative skills and experience. The solicitor will gather all necessary documents and evidence associated with your injury or damage during this period. Look at some of the evidence that your solicitor will collect:
• Lost salaries
• Claims for insurance
• The report developed by the Police
• Medical treatment histories
• Photos and videos
The solicitor will collect all of this information to create a solid statement on your behalf. On the other hand, the defendant’s lawyer will also go through this process.

Settlement or Judgment

You may receive a settlement offer, but it depends on the evidence presented to the defendant. If your solicitor estimates the settlement does not cover the injuries, or if no settlement is made, then your case will go to trial.
Both the plaintiff and the defendant present their evidentiary information to a judge during the trial. Your solicitor can also call your witnesses to give evidence during this process.
The judge presiding over your case will direct the trial and instruct the jury to establish whether you should get compensation.
Wallace Legal has a team of the most competent personal injury solicitors in Glasgow. Our expert will best represent your case to reach a good settlement with the at-fault party. And in case of trial, we will strive to ensure that you obtain fair compensation to cover all your injury-related costs.

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