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Are you crazy about volumizing your lashes with mascara? And still not get the desired look so, using false lashes has become our need. These lashes are available in versatile styles, colors, and sizes to fulfill the individual’s needs. Moreover, eyelash vendors need appealing look packaging boxes to present lashes to their target audiences. Let’s see the importance of eyelash packaging for your fragile and sensitive.

Importance of Eyelash Packaging

The importance of esthetic packaging solutions is uncovered and explains why your lash safety depends on them. As you know, eyelashes are applied to the eyes, and it has a greater threat of damaging the upper and lower lash line. In this regard, you need to use durable and valuable packaging solutions according to your product needs. So, custom lash boxes are best to pack your products, and it’s available in versatile sizes according to your product’s demand. Now it’s time to follow the ways that are best to pack your eyelashes.

Rigid Cardstock for Lash Packaging Boxes

The first way is to use rigid cardstock that is durable and robust to allow the stung shelter for your eyelashes. So, rigid cardstock increases the value of your custom eyelash boxes with a logo. Apart from the brands use rigid cardstock that is made from compressing the layers of cardboard material. But the most nature-friendly solution is to your Kraft-made rigid material for your lash packaging. Plus, rigid-made gift lash boxes are best to fulfill your demands and grasp attention from more consumers.

Flip-Top Lash Packaging Boxes

There is no shortage of esthetic style and unique dimensions that you need to use for your lash packaging boxes. And, multiple options are preferable to use, likes sleeve boxes, 2-pieces boxes, and pillow-shaped boxes, but you need to do some out-of-the-box for your brand growth. In this regard, you need flip-top packaging styles as one of the perfect options to place your products and present them in front of target audiences. Moreover, such lashes boxes have a unique style and decent closure with a magnetic lid that is individually right option to win the customers trust. However, the addition of magnetic has become expensive for us, but it is a worthy choice.

Window Lash Packaging Boxes

The insertion window in your personalized lash box makes your products visible, and they easily choose what products type and style they buy from your brand. Therefore, eyelash boxes supplier use unique styles and shapes of PVC windows on the eyelash packaging cartons to increase the visibility of your thick lashes. So, you can use a single-sided window and double-sided window to insert them on eyelash boxes. Also, if you love it, you can use any unique die-cut shape for your eyelash cases; likewise, you have the option to choose leaf, rectangular shape, oval shape, and circle.

Use of Foiling To Give Sharpness to Your Edges

The application of little add-on options enhances the visibility f your product’s packaging features to make your brand an apple eye for your customers. As you know, eyelash packaging has sharp edges, and if they are highlighted with foiling, then it is enough to make simple white eyelash boxes catchy to grasp your customers’ attention. So, you can choose multiple shades of foiling for your custom-made eyelash boxes. Some most demanded foiling colors are listed below for you.
• Gold
• Silver
• Burgundy
• Turquoise
• Teal
• Rose gold
• Bronze
• Soft pink
• Gunmetal

Choose Eva foam and Trays to Increase the Value

Security is a major concern that also makes your product presentable and delicate. However, you can use quality cardstock for personalized eyelash boxes, but something is still missing that makes your lash packaging more adorable. On this subject, you can use extra padding stuffing, EVA foam, and plastic-made tries to place your both-sided lashes separate for customers’ use. This tactic enhances the demand for eyelash packaging boxes to captivate customers and build a large customers base.

Ending UP Thoughts

The conclusion of this article is to explain ways that you can use to make opulent-looking lash boxes. Therefore, you need to use custom lash boxes that are incredibly unique and enthralling options to pack your fake lashes for your audiences. You need to use quality cardstock, foiling, extra security material, window insertion, rigid made boxes, and flip-top style with magnet for lash packaging boxes. Now it is your turn to figure out up-to-the-mark eyelash boxes for your target audiences.

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