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The National Eligibility Test Exam is the entrance exam that tests the eligibility of candidates that aspire to become assistant lecturers or aspire for Junior Research Fellowship or both in various colleges, universities, and institutions. Students in colossal numbers appear for this examination every year.
The UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore clears that the exam is held twice every year. But due to the coronavirus pandemic last year, the schedule got little shifted. The UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore clarifies that the UGC-NET exam is no less than the UPSC exams. The level of difficulty of both the exams is the same. That is why any aspirant appearing for this exam needs complete dedication to prepare, just like UPSC examinations.
This article is a must-read for all those who will appear for the UGC-NET exam and are in a dilemma or stressed out about the preparation strategy. This article covers six valuable tips that will help you chalk out your preparation strategy to crack the UGC-NET exam in initial attempt only.

Now let’s see the six valuable tips that you must include in your UGC-NET exam preparation strategy:

1. Go Through The Paper Pattern:
Before starting preparation for any competitive or entrance exam, the first thing to do is to understand the exam pattern nicely. You must understand well what the exam pattern is and what the questions are like. The UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore reveals that the UGC-NET question paper comes in two parts. Paper 1 and Paper 2.
Paper 1 consists of general topics like aptitude tests, quantitative tests, environment, etc., whereas Paper 2 consists of graduation and post-graduation level issues.
So if a candidate aims to crack the UGC-NET in the first go, he/she must dedicatedly study for three to four months.
2. List Down Important Topics:
The UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore advises first to list down all the essential topics required to be covered. An aspirant can refer to the reference books available and also appear for mock tests. Listing down important topics will help you determine which topics you need to emphasize and which subjects you can cover later.
An aspirant can also well prepare for UGC-NET y appearing for mock tests, which are essential in the final days of preparation since that will help you understand your level of practice.
3. Plan A Good Strategy:
In planning the study strategy for the UGC-NET examination, the UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore advises the aspirants to list all the topics, dividing them into three sections: the vital topics, the medium, and the weak subjects.
This list will help you in preparation. You can first prepare the vital topics, then medium, and then weak. The purpose of following this type of preparation strategy is because there is no section or subject-wise cutoff in this UGC-NET exam. So the intent of the candidate should be scoring the maximum of works that’s it.
4. How To Divide The Topics Into Three Sections:
While we were discussing that before preparation making a list of essential topics on the three sections is necessary, the main question that arises is how to divide the topics into three sections.
The UGC -NET coaching experts in Bangalore advise us first to take up mock tests before we start. After giving the mock tests, we will know what topics can be put under the firm, medium, and weak banners.
For example, if we want to prepare for psychology, which is for specialization, comprises questions from all over the subject. You need to prepare for the entire subject, not just some particular section of the subject.
Paper 1 consists of questions of general aptitude. So the aspirant needs to prepare for the paper by studying general knowledge and some research.
5. How To Make Strategy For A Specific Subject:
While preparing for a specific subject paper, the UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore advises that a candidate should have a thorough knowledge and grip over the subject to answer all the questions appropriately. This type of question paper has objective-type questions.
Whereas the paper has questions based on assumptions, which in reality is very exhaustive, a candidate must develop the ability of quick and good reading.
6. Revision:
The UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore strongly believes that any preparation is less for any exam if it is not regularly revised. A regular revision of all the prepared topics is a must if you want all the essential information gained from studying. So make a habit of studying the entire week and then revising the same on the weekends. This method works wonders and is much easier for you to remember the studied things.


An honest, dedicated, and continuous effort clubbed with these valuable tips can surely help you crack the UGC-NET exam in the first attempt, says the UGC-NET coaching in Bangalore.

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