Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

The global pandemic has accelerated the development of technologies around the globe. Who would have thought students one day will be relied on their phones or computers to continue their education? At present, technologies have emerged as one of the most powerful instruments for students’ knowledge. With so many abrupt changes, we cannot stop ourselves wondering what more to come or the future of learning is. We can only estimate the perspective based on the current trends in technology.
Of course, students will continue using online writing assistance like English homework help or physics homework help to elevate their performance or when they lack enough time to meet deadlines. But apart from that, let’s take a peek at the technologies that are ready to make possible transformations.

1. 3D Printing

The 3D printing will be like a working mini-model for young engineers and teachers who require 3D printing in their educational process. Students will have to take care of the smallest details with the help of 3D printing. In addition, 3-D printing can benefit students studying math, architecture, biology and physics.
You will require some basic technical knowledge to insert relevant parameters. However, 3D printing will give students practical knowledge before stepping into the real world. It will make them feel like inventors.

2. Smartpens

Smartpens will change the way of how we transfer written information. You will never have to lose any of your notes. It may look like a regular pen, but it is equipped with high-level sensors with microsuits. It can recognise the text immediately. You can easily search for the necessary parts of the lecture into the text and transfer them to your academic paper.

3. Gamification

Gamification will bring a competitive environment for students. This will become a highly interactive and engaging way to learn things for students. Through gamification, teachers will monitor students’ progress and, in some cases, can reward if some students stand out. Introducing game elements into the learning process will allow students to solve two problems simultaneously

4. Multi Touch display

Nowadays, multi touch displays are gaining popularity among the interactive whiteboard. It used to be a part of tablets and smartphones. This device will simplify the learning process and make it quite interactive and visual. Moreover, it is designed to provide touch-screen interfaces with the usability and flexibility you expect from a traditional keyboard and mouse.
This lets you use multiple finger gestures like pinching the screen, spreading your fingers to zoom in and zoom out, rotating your fingers when editing, swiping left or swiping right.

5. Digital textbooks

With tablets and e-reader getting immensely popular, so does the digital textbook. Digital textbooks tend to cost 40% less than printed textbooks. Chegg is getting popular among students for finding cheaper digital books. This student technology was used in universities to digitalise course materials, enabling students to interact more with their reading and activities through class collaboration customisation.

6. Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning is a type of technology that offers learning activities to students as per students’ needs and learning style/behaviour. Adaptive learning is a type of technology that will adapt to the needs of students in the shortest time possible. With this technology, students can adapt to unique learning paths based entirely on their learning ability and interests. It will impact hugely on the education system of the world in 2021. The system will be reshaped to orchestrate the interaction with the learner perfectly. It actively offers customised resources and top learning activities to address the special requirements of learners. This is also built for business trainers for carrying effective business training.

7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence proves to be one of the best technology trends in the world. By the year 2021, the world of education will experience more levels of evolution with AI. AI will come in handy in various ways while working on term papers, essays, research papers on a specific topic. AI is built not to replace teachers but to provide a helping hand in understanding the limitations and potential of each student. Different schools in the country are using it. AI will offer a new perspective on education among students, teachers, parents, and educational institutions.


The advancement of technology in education is ten-fold. The pandemic has sped up the innovation of technologies in education, and something tells us that there is more to come. This way, you can research each technology to obtain unique insights. But, then, you must be ready to accept these technologies to improve your learning experience.

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