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Importance of the teeth and the overall mouth

The teeth are a vital body part and so is the mouth. Our mouth is the window to our overall health and physical wellbeing. The mouth along with the teeth plays the crucial role of helping us chew food and making digestion easier. Moreover the teeth enable us to speak fluently and pronounce different sounds different ways. Teeth also help retaining the facial structure or shape. Last but not the least, the set of healthy, disease-free and perfectly aligned teeth forms the fundamental composition of a great smile.
Considering the crucial role the mouth along with the teeth plays, it is vital to take a good care of those in a consistent manner. Here are a few tried and tested ways to take great care of your teeth –
• Brushing keeps the teeth clean – one of the easiest ways to clean the teeth is regular brushing. Ideally you should brush twice a day – once in the morning before starting your day and before going to bed at night. But it is even more important to brush properly! Hold the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees with the gum line. This enables the most effective contact between the teeth surface and the bristles. Move the hand in circular motion to cover all the three surfaces of the teeth. Apply gentle pressure with the hand while brushing. Brush for only 2 minutes every time. Never forget cleaning the tongue as well while brushing the teeth. Cleaning the tongue keeps your breath fresh and also helps preventing bad breath. Proper brushing reduces the level of harmful bacteria in the mouth.
• Flossing comes next to brushing in dental hygiene – yes, flossing takes up time and thus people prefer skipping it. But remember this one thing – toothbrush bristles cannot reach out to at least 40% of the teeth surface. So flossing is the lonely option to remove food debris stuck between the teeth as well as to remove the harmful plaque build-ups. In simpler words there is no sufficient alternative to flossing in maintaining oral hygiene. Flossing once a day is highly recommended, to keep your mouth free from diseases.
• Stay away from smoking – avoiding tobacco in every form is a great way to protect the teeth and the gums. Habitual smoking not only damages the lungs and triggers various respiratory diseases including COPD but it also raises the risk of oral cancer and a host of periodontal diseases.
• Cut down consumption of coffee, tea and sodas – beverages like tea and coffee are great mood enhancers. Moderate quantity of these drinks is good but excessive consumption has its hazardous effect on the teeth. Tea and coffee – other than red wine – are major culprits in teeth staining. Sodas – on the other hand – damage the teeth enamel and the gums.
• Stick to an all-round healthy diet – as you must know your teeth need plenty of calcium to stay strong and healthy. You need to eat a healthy and all-round diet round the year to keep your gums and teeth free from diseases. Milk, yogurt and cheese are good sources of calcium while citrus fruits like orange are rich in vitamin C. include these items in your diet to keep the teeth and the gums strong and healthy. Nuts are also helpful maintaining a healthy and disease-free mouth. Vitamin deficiency puts your teeth and the gums in a great risk of developing diseases. Proper diet is essential to maintain an overall healthy mouth.
• Regular visits to your dentist – it is important to go for routine dental checkups at regular intervals. Routine checkups help identifying a problem at its early stages. A routine check up in 12 months is the minimal requirement if there is no problem. But if your dentist recommends the visit can be more frequent.
• Cut down on sugary foods and beverages – it is important to limit the consumption of sugary foods and drinks. But do you know why? Harmful bacteria in the mouth break down the sugar content present in those foods and beverages to create acid build-up on the teeth surface. The acid corrodes away the hard enamel coating of your teeth to form cavities. However if you are particular about your dental hygiene and can take proper care of the teeth then sugary foods and drinks won’t be a problem. Right after eating or drinking any sweetened food item or drink wash the mouth immediately every time with mouthwash or properly rinse with water. This way you can avoid the harmful bacteria to play their sinister role.
• Use of mouth guards – a qualified dental hygienist in Wimbledon suggests wearing mouth guards every time while partaking in any sports activity. This is a good precautionary measure to safeguard the precious teeth. In fact it is something like wearing helmets while biking.
Follow the tips discussed above. In addition to that you may chew sugar-free gums to keep the mouth hydrated. This is more important for those who have dry mouth problem. Harmful bacteria thrive better in a dry mouth. Therefore keeping the mouth hydrated is very important.


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