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Rishikesh – commonly known as spiritual city is a small voyage town which is located under the foothills of Himalaya Mountain Ranges in the hilly state Uttarakhand. The beauty of nature in Rishikesh is jaw dropping and so exciting. It is one of the best amusement places where you can enjoy and have fun. Rishikesh is well known not only for holy pilgrimage, it is also famous for adventurous activities. People who would like to enjoy their weekend or holidays or vacations in Rishikesh, the Uttarakhand Government is offering you some beach camps and forest camps and other Private camps are also available for your convenience and as well as for comfort.

This adventurous town is one of the famous places for adventure seekers where they can enjoy adventurous activities like water sports like river rafting, bungee jumping, boating, swimming, and can have fun like rappelling, trekking, scuba diving, bonfire, dancing and relaxing by doing yoga, walking admiring to the beauty of nature and more.

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Tourists or travelers will basically prefer hotels for their convenience, facilities and for comfortability and mainly for food and accommodation. But the speciality of Rishikesh is that both government and private companies offer you many tents and camps with high amenities to enjoy your days with full satisfaction. There are different kinds of camping sites like School Summer Camp, Shivpuri Beach Camp, Jungle Camp, Marine Drive Beach Camp, Luxury Jungle Camp and a few more which are located in different places near the river or in forest or in the hilltop which are fully furnished and provide great services with required facilities that makes you feel like your in home.


Best Camping Time In Rishikesh

Though Rishikesh is an all time favourite place for visitors throughout the year during all the seasons, it is better to avoid visiting during the monsoon season. Because due to the rapid changes the water flow of the River Ganga may be in danger. Other than monsoon season, from the end of September to the Mid of November and in the beginning of March to the beginning of May is the perfect time to enjoy your days in Rishikesh.

Transportation Facilities:

Roadway: NH 58 is the highway road which helps you to reach Rishikesh. Road transportation is available from all the nearest cities.

Railway: Haridwar Railway Station is the closest rail transportation to Rishikesh. From there you can opt for a bus or cab to reach Rishikesh.

Airway: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport to Rishikesh. Any road transportations like bus or taxi can opt to reach Rishikesh from the airport.


The camping duration may take a minimum two days and one night.


Day 1:

Once you arrive in Rishikesh, decide where you would like to camp. Whether camp sites located near to the River or Camp sites located inside the forest or camp sites located near to the jungle or camp sites located on the top of the hills. There are many kinds of camps available based on your preference. Choose the camp or tent in your option whether you would like to have fun through water sports, then choose campsites situated near the river side. If you would like to enjoy the adventure like trekking or bungee jumping, then choose the campsites which are situated under the foothills or at the top of the hills. If you would like to admire the beauty of nature, then choose campsites situated inside the forest or if you would like to relax, then choose campsites where you can have peace of mind by doing yoga. After finishing all your breakfast, lunch and dinner by visiting the scenic beauty of nature throughout the day, it’s time for a bonfire in the evening. Gathering together at night in front of a bonfire and dancing to the music and enjoying the stargaze are the most beautiful things to do during camping.


Day 2:

After relaxing and refreshing and finding a place for camping on day one, day two is the day for having fun like adventurous activities. Rishikesh  is not only well known for Holy River Ganga it is a famous place for River Rafting. Shivpuri Rafting Point, Kaudiyala Rafting Point, Marine Drive, Brahmpuri are the adventurous water sports activities one should try atleast once in their life while camping in Rishikesh. Other than rafting, there are other things to do like visiting Rajaji National Park, Neer Garh Waterfall, Vindhyavasini Mata Temple, Jungle Safari and more where they can have more fun and capture unforgettable memories like sunrise in the early morning behind the mountain or from the beach, spiritual divinity of River Ganga, shopping the unique collections, trekking and more. After enjoying all this, you can depart in the evening from Rishikesh to your city.


Hope that every memorable experience of camping in Rishikesh will remain in your mind and will be in first preference in your vacation tour list. Before planning for camping in Rishikesh, have a clear guideline for camping in Rishikesh like medical kit, sweaters, sunscreen lotions, footwears like sandals, waterproof baggies, bathing suits, neoprene gloves, shawls and few essential requirements. Caring necessary needs along with you while camping or tenting in Rishikesh is an advisable one.

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