Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Ideally suited to riders who love to undergo challenges to attain a state of pleasure. If you follow certain precautions, a bike trip to Leh is just a matter of 450 km. The excitement never ceases on the trip but to avoid difficulty in the quest of it is highly necessary. Apart from the difficult path, there are a lot of attractive reasons for a bike trip to Leh. A sense of freedom that unfolds within on a Bike trip from Manali to Leh makes you confident about yourself, provided that you completed it. For successful completion, there are a lot of preparations that go behind.


Luggage Hacks

More than photogenic clothes a bike trip to Leh demands safety gear to be packed such as saddles, Bungee ropes, extra 10 liters of petrol, and winter garments that would assist you to survive the harsh weather. Furthermore, bags, jackets, shoes should be waterproof as the uneven roads are in a dilapidated form containing waters in certain dug points. The road to Leh is not easy it requires experienced hands and a motorcycle that ranges above 400 CC engines such as Avengers, Royal Enfield, Duke, and all that belongs to this category of toughness. Before heading out on the bike trip acquire permits that are required to enter Leh and other places. Especially the permit taken for touring Leh is also applicable for Ladakh. These are available online on the district government official websites. BSNL postpaid offers a relatively better experience of communication than any other network and this is the only connection in Leh Ladakh that will always serve you with some kind of support, unlike other networks. Ladakh is a remotely located territory of India that is ignored of the advancements in central India and that barely matters as compared to their happiness.



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