Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Corona Virus shake the medical facilities in the rush way. India had faced a drastic situation in these two years. The government had forcefully closed the international border to minimize the spread of the virus to humans. Situations are almost under control now. Indian government gives allowance to national and international journeys. But at this time, a new clause has been added to the old guidelines. All travelers have to follow it before boarding strictly.

New protocols don’t permit the acceptance of tourist visas issued before 15 Oct. Visa is necessary along with a passport to enter and stay in other countries. People can check the new agenda of Indian Visa online on google. Not all countries re-enter India. 156 countries are allowed to enter, including the U.S.A, Australia, and New Zealand. People from these countries must have to carry vaccination certificates along with them. Indians also have to take an international travel vaccination certificate to go abroad.

Indian government started taking off fights under Vande Bharat Mission and air bubble strategy. The Ministry of external affairs only opens the airport of Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai for commercial services. Under the terms of the air bubble agreement signed between Europe and India, Vistara can continue non stop fight Delhi to Paris. Anyone can check the Indian visa online form and directly apply online for a new visa. The flight will only take off on Wednesday and Sunday in a week. Only full-vaccinated Foregin travelers are allowed to exit the airport door. Travelers from these countries who have taken WHO approved vaccines need to self-monitor their health for 14 days. The government also adds that if anybody has taken only one dose or even not taken the vaccine, they must give an RT-PCR test to leave the airport.

New guidelines give clear instructions that travelers upload a Covid negative RT-PCR test before 72 hours of boarding day. Traveler’s negligence put them behind the jail. India’s new visa form doesn’t cover land route journeys. It comes under the criminal act.

People can browse Canada visa applications online and fill them in 5 minutes. Generally, it takes 2 to 4 weeks approved by the government. The application will only be accepted after following all new rules and attached with the form. The Canadian government also resume the fight relation between India and their countries.

At this time, the same protocol will be followed, which is declared by the government of India. Discussion is going on. High-risk countries are still in a row to enter. New changes after seeing the situation soon will be announced.

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