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The field of information technology (IT) has been dynamic. It has come a long way from its advent, but it is far from the destination. The professionals believe that there is no endpoint to the field of IT, and one needs to grow with time for them to evolve professionally.
CCNA Certification proves that you are on the path of evolving, and your learnings would only grow from here on. The CCNA training course, as well as its exam, will provide you with the needed foundational knowledge, which would translate into choosing your career of choice. Certification propels the marketers to recognize your talents, which are well beyond the set IT standards.

What will you learn from the CCNA course online?

CCNA Certification proves your understanding of various domains and is specifically designed for managing an agile and versatile advanced network. However, the below-listed learning are the key derivatives ->
Network Fundamentals- >
● Network Access
● IP Connectivity
● IP Services
● Security Fundamentals
● Automation and Programmability.

What are some of the plausible job roles- you can target post CCNA Certification?

Entry Level Network Engineer -> The job entails the professional to plan-build-install-and even troubleshoot networks or technology systems as per the requirement posed by client/customer. Generally, you’d have to work under the senior-level network engineer and gain insights into the future job requirements. CCNA Certification can help one climb the ladder of success at a steadfast pace. Within India, one can target a salary in the range of INR 21000-23000.
Help Desk Technician -> The job entails providing the needed technical support and assistance to the person on phone-in person- and in various other forms.
Network Administrator -> As the name suggests, the network administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the network profile. Organizing, installing, and supporting the organization’s LANs, WANs, and other extranet services are the basic job specification. The Cisco CCNA Certification will make you equipped for the said tasks.
Network support technician -> The maintenance and troubleshooting issues and conditions are dealt with by Network Support Technician. Moreover, they specialize in areas of information systems, data recovery, network management, and system administration.
Exam description.
The CCNA v 1.0 exam, in totality, would consume 120 minutes of your time. The six primarily topics covered in the exams are ->
Network Fundamentals -> 20%
Network Access -> 20%
IP Connectivity -> 25%
IP Services -> 10%
Security Fundamentals -> 15%
Automation and Programmability -> 10%
The percentages rightly reflect on exam topic weightage. However, the discussed topics are just the general guidelines, but on the day of the exam, you should be prepared for any and everything.

How can you start your CCNA journey?

Step-1 -> Review the exam topics in detail. By performing the said activity, you’ll gauge your current knowledge levels and help in building a coordinated study plan.
Step-2 -> Start studying and training according to the study plan. For accomplishing that, you are free to buy e-learning courses available online, find an offline class, CISCO digital learning, private group training, and various others.
Step-3 -> Connect through the connectivity options provided by CISCO, which rightly reflects in a higher pass ratio.
Step-4 -> Start assessing your daily progress by taking online practice papers.
Step-5 -> After taking online practice papers, you can schedule your test. Scheduling can be done via CCNA exam online or at a Pearson VUE location.
Step-6 -> After appearing for the exam, you can log into the “Certification Tracking System” and see your pass/fail status. In the case of the former, you are free to celebrate as now you will find ample job opportunities. However, in cases of the latter- start preparing and ace the next attempt.
Step-7 -> Recertify your certification to keep your skills sharp. For recertification, you can use the 30 education credits or pass the qualifying exam.

What is the CCNA Certification cost?

The CCNA course fee can cost almost $300 + tax. However, all the CISCO certifications are valid for 3 years.
Testimonials of various students have posed the value of CISCO certification extremely high. Students of the said certification have governed their stories which talks about how CCNA certification has helped one achieve higher salaries, and additionally, they have claimed their domain knowledge zoomed. The power of certifications can never guarantee a job, but they definitely enhance the job aspects.

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