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Oral health is an important aspect of our daily lives and it adds to the overall well-being of the body. Like any other health issue, dental problems should be treated on time with utmost care. Our dental health holds many key responsibilities such as the food and drinks that we intake. For humans, the only way to consume food and liquid is through the mouth. Therefore, a clean and healthy denture is important to ensure that anything we intake in the body is safe. An unhealthy passage of food will eventually affect other organs and the functioning of the body.
We come across many dental issues such as cavities, bad breath, gum infection, loss of teeth, etc. These are common problems that have curable treatments available. Scheduling a regular dentist appointment can help you treat as well as avoid such problems. There are instances when people tend to lose teeth because of reasons such as gum infection, cavities, etc. In such cases, the best solution is dental implants in Ottawa. With the fast-paced medical advancements, we have modern techniques to treat and deal with oral health issues. The traditional ways of treating cavities and tooth loss have been taken over by advanced machines and procedures. One such popular method of treating loss of teeth is dental implants in Ottawa.
Dental implants refer to the process of inserting artificial roots in the jaws to compensate for the missing tooth. In the case of traditional dentures, the root eventually collapses and damages the entire root structure. This is not the same in case of dental implants. Dental implants are incorporated in the roots helping them stay functional. In due course, you can retain the natural set of dentures for a long time. These also help in maintaining facial beauty as well as other activities like chewing and eating.

Types of Dental implants

Dental implants in Ottawa can be of two types namely endosteal and subperiosteal. These are two different ways in which dental implants can be done. You can choose the best-suited method for yourself depending on factors such as the shape and size of your dental structure.
 Endosteal implants- These are the most commonly preferred dental implants in Ottawa. This involves a surgical process by which a thin blade-like structure is inserted in the jawbone to the lost tooth area. This is a convenient method and you can continue your daily eating habits without interruptions.
 Subperiosteal implants- This is a complex dental implant procedure as compared to endosteal. Here, the implants are placed in between the jawbone and gum tissue. This is mostly prescribed by dentists in cases where your jawbone cannot sit well naturally with the endosteal process. This is fast healing and effective procedure.

Advantages of Dental implants

Dental implants are an efficient way to retain healthy oral conditions in natural ways. These implants help in regaining a regular teeth structure without damaging the adjoining tooth. They give a natural feel and look to your dental set without causing any inconveniences. Apart from these, there are other advantages of dental implants.
 Ease in chewing and eating
A deformed set of dental structures can cause difficulty in eating and chewing. Missing teeth can disturb chewing abilities and cause immense pain and inconvenience. Also, not chewing the food properly can be harmful to the digestive system. Therefore, a dental implant will facilitate smooth chewing and eating activities.
 Enhanced facial structure
As we know, a proper set of teeth is important for facial beauty. The cheek muscles remain intact because of the solid-like teeth structure. Any missing tooth from the set leads to deformed facial features. Jaw bone adds a lot to the overall facial structure and any changes in the jaw can eventually affect the appearance. With dental implants, you can restore the natural jaw and oral condition despite tooth loss.
 Enduring solution
Dental implants can support your dental structure in the long run. They are reliable solutions to issues like teeth loss, cavities, etc. Once you get it done, they will act as a natural tooth and protect the adjoining gum areas from further damage. They are normal tooth-like structures that do not require additional maintenance or care. Basic oral hygiene is enough to keep them healthy.
A dental implant is a smart solution to oral problems. They are safe and do not involve any major risks. A normal healthy person can have dental implants to support their oral structure for a better and comfortable living.

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