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The belly is certainly the part of the body that most of us are most complex about. And men and women are in the same boat when it comes to taking charge of their plump bellies.
Losing body fat can be challenging. However, losing belly fat is much more difficult. It is easier to lose fat all around the body than to reduce fat in a specialised area of the body.
Belly fat is very common amongst women that have given birth to 3 or more children, and also men and women that take a lot of alcohol. The most dangerous place for far to store up is the belly.
Belly fat is a very popular health defect. Belly fat is one of the major causes of some dreadful diseases in today’s world. Some of the diseases it can lead to are stroke, asthma, high blood pressure and cancer.
It also reduces one’s beauty. It makes one’s clothes not fit. This can be frustrating.
Belly fat means fat around the abdomen. There are two forms of abdomen fat. They are;
– Visceral: Fat around a person organs.
-Subcutaneous: Fat under the skin.
Visceral fat is a lot more dangerous than subcutaneous fat.
Some of the reasons people gain belly fat include lack of exercise, stress, poor diet and taking excess alcohol. It is also caused by childbirth. And also, some people were naturally born with belly fat. However, whatever the cause might be, one common desire in these sets of people is the desire to burn it.
A lot of people find it difficult to lose belly fat. This is because they think the only way to lose belly fat is through dieting. They think they have to quit taking some of their favourite meals. Some probably have tried dieting but they couldn’t refrain from that special meal.
If this is you, then this is for you.
The good news is that you can lose belly fat even without changing your diet, without missing your favourite food.


The following steps help lose belly fat.

1. Reducing alcohol intake.

It has been started already that excess alcohol consumption can contribute tremendously to weight gain. Therefore, one of the major ways to reduce fat is by reducing alcohol consumption. This is because alcoholic drinks contain sugar which can increase the amount of fat in a person’s body.

2. Getting enough rest

Stress is often a good contributor to fat in one’s body. Getting quality rest helps reduce fat. This however has a downside. As much as getting good sleep is important, it can be dangerous if it is too much. In other words, be moderate with the amount of sleep you get. This can be achieved by having a sleep pattern.

3. Quit smoking

Apart from the fact that smoking increases body fat, it also increases the chances of developing serious health defects. Quitting smoking will help reduce fat.

4. Getting more sunlight

Scientific research conducted in 2016 has revealed that far can be reduced when one is exposed to much sunlight. Body fat will come out as sweat.

5. Use coconut oil instead of cooking oil

Coconut oil contains the least amount of oil amongst other known oils. Studies have shown that coconut oil reduces body fat. This is due to its help in digestion and the fact that it increases metabolism.

6. Avoid eating excessively

Excessive eating increases the amount of body fat tremendously. Therefore, reducing the amount of food to consume will help reduce fat. You can reduce the amount of food you take in by using smaller plates to eat. Tracking your food helps in reducing body fat. The idea is simple. “You can’t reduce fat if you keep adding to the present ones”.

7. Regular exercise

It’s no news that exercise reduces body fat. So, regular exercise helps a lot when it comes to fat reduction. Morning exercise is the best. It should be done when you have not taken breakfast. It can be jogging, push-ups or weight lifting. You don’t have to hit the gym. 30mins a day will do.

8. Regular intake of water

Regular intake of water reduces the quantity of food you consume. Especially if it is taken before a meal. It also aids digestion. All these reduce the amount of fat in one’s body.

9. Avoid skipping meals

Skipping meals or eating late can increase belly fat. Eating every 3-4 hours increases your metabolism. Make sure you don’t miss breakfast and you eat moderately.

10. Eat more slowly

The brain takes quite some time to process food. Chewing food well and eating slowly will help increase the body metabolism. Eating slowly also helps in reducing the quantity of food we consume.

11. Add ginger to your diet

Adding ginger to your meals helps to burn more fat and to stay healthy. There are various ways of using ginger. You can add it to your meals. You can sip ginger-infused water. You can take ginger to read It can also be ginger capsules. You can choose any convenient method of taking in ginger. Just make sure you are taking in ginger.

12. Brush your teeth after every meal.

Studies gave shown great there is a great connection between brushing your teeth and losing weight. It is, therefore, advisable to brush your teeth after every meal to burn fat.

13. Consume much calcium and vitamin D

Research has proven that vitamin D and calcium helps to shed fat tremendously. Calcium can be found majorly in animal bones. It can also be found in yoghurt, meat, seeds, beans and dairy. Vitamin D can be found in fish, eggs and milk.

14. Reduce the amount of sugar you take in.

Sugar is the major thing that causes fat in the body. Reducing the intake of soda and other drinks that contain a significant amount of sugar will help reduce fat in one’s body.

15. Massages to smooth the skin

No need to invest in an overpriced slimming cream. Massage alone will have beneficial effects on the appearance of your belly, provided, of course, that you stick to it. Before going to bed or in the morning after your shower, take somebody milk or oil and apply it all over your stomach. Practice the technique of palpating and rolling which consists of wedging a bead of flesh with the hands by then rolling it under the fingers. After a few weeks, you should see the first results.

16. Consume a lot of protein

Proteins help in fat loss. It releases a hormone called PPY which help in reducing appetite. It also helps to prevent muscle loss in major weight loss.

Now you know how you can burn those fats even while eating your favourite meal. Remember, belly fats can lead to dangerous diseases which can evenrually lead to death. However, this method can save you if you follow through. Eat less, sleep moderately, spend some time doing some exercises consume proteins and take water as often as you can and see how that belly fat will be lost in little time.

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