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Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Disneyland and Venice Beach, do these names strike a chord? Home to these household names and iconic places Los Angeles is a place to visit for many things. All over the world, this desire destination is famous for its luxurious lifestyle and nightlife.

Expansive beaches, renowned nightlife and posh neighborhoods, the world-famous entertainment industry. The fun attractions have become synonymous with LA’s culturally diverse identity. You can enjoy many things in this amazing destination to reach this place United Airlines Booking is the best solution.

Depending on your interests and how you wish to spend your holiday here, there may be a lot many places to visit and explore but if you’re confused and wish to visit LA on an Ultimate Trip with only the best.

Here Is For You, A List Of All Must-See Attractions In Los Angeles!

1. Universal Studios Hollywood

One of the most easily identifiable and popular places in Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood is a mind-blowing theme park based on some of the most popular characters and scenes from mainstream film and TV.

The Park opens from 10 AM to 06 PM with extended timings during weekends and peak seasons and is honestly ample time to get to experience everything the park has to offer.

2. Griffith Park and Observatory

Arguably one of the best experience-based destinations here in Los Angeles, Griffith Park and Observatory is California’s largest state park spread across 4210 acres. The Park here is home to many attractions like the Los Angeles Zoo, observatory, golf courses, hiking trails, riding centers, etc.

Open to all public the park is named after Griffith J. Griffith who donated most of the parkland to the state in 1896.

3. Getty center

The best museum around, the Getty Centre is an impressive museum in a circular form designed by Richard Meier on top of the Santa Monica Mountains. The complex is placed over 110 acres of sprawling-beautiful grounds and the building n itself measures nearly 0.75 miles long.

It opened in 1997 and houses an impressive collection of exhibits ranging from renaissance era paintings, Baroque sculpture, historical manuscripts, decorative art as well as 20th-century American photography.

4. Santa Monica Beach and Pier

With 3 miles of soft sand and ideal weather, the famous Santa Monica beach is one of best beaches around, popular sighted in a lot many TV shows and series. The beach here is both laid back as well as chic from the myriad of attractions and people that it attracts.

The beach here receives an average of 200 days of sunshine, making it a good place to hit the waters if you want or ease around along the beach. The Beach here also has a 22-mile-long bike trail called ‘The Strand’ that runs parallel to the ocean and offers great scenic rides.

5. Hollywood walk of fame

The walk here is located along Hollywood Boulevard between La Brea Avenue and Gower Street. It is recommended to avail public conveyance here or walk as parking spaces here are few and limited and the area also tends to get crowded with a lot of camera-wielding visitors clicking pictures of the ground here.

Tours around the theatre here can be availed and due to its immense popularity booking spots online in advance is best.

6. Los Angeles County Museum of art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art lays claim of it being the largest art museum in the western US, which could also rightly be, considering the 130,000 pieces that the museum has up on display. Opened in 1965 the museum has hosted several art pieces ranging from European paintings to Islamic artifacts.

7. Venice Beach

Initially planned and modeled after its namesake city in Italy, Venice beach has now taken on its own form into something distinct. The beach exerts its own unique vibe and is definitely something you’ll need to experience for yourself. For this year’s vacation visits the Alaska Airlines Website and book your flight ticket to Florida.

The place here is a melting pot of the rich, the different and often times straight up bizarre, and honestly the people here is the raison d’etre for such popularity.


We all know that Florida is famous as a vacation spot all over the world just because of its many beautiful beaches. Here in this blog, we have discussed the Must-See Attractions In Los Angeles that will make your trip easy. All these places help you to make your bucket list of visiting Florida with your family and friends.

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