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Update 11/03/2021 – Difficult to navigate the multitude of laptops available, whether mid-range or high-end models in 13, 15 or 17 inches. We therefore offer you our selection to be sure you are not mistaken.The short RTX 2080/2070/2060 that are in laptops have lower frequencies and TDP than their desktop versions. As for the Max-Q, their frequencies are even lower.

The problem would rather come from the fact that the Max-Q versions are far too castrated in terms of frequency compared to the mobile versions.


The best gaming Laptop we choose from this site.Of course, everyone would like the maximum resolution. But is it really important to you? If you are betting on a small screen that is more practical to carry, or you do not intend to display audiovisuals there, then no need to insist. Worse: a very high resolution on a small screen will not only be useless, but very unpleasant! In addition, it is also a good way to save: a Full HD (High Definition) laptop PC will inevitably be more affordable than UHD or 4K (Ultra High Definition) …

Touch, transformable & co

Some would find these points useless, others could not do without them! Touch screens and 360 ° screens that can be transformed into tablets are excellent assets for greater versatility (or greater simplicity, for the elderly for example …). It’s also a good way to not buy multiple products, or just go faster without a mouse.

Speaking of Gaming (and graphics) …

All PCs can open the latest Facebook game or launch your favorite movie, since all have what is called a GPU (G for “graphic” 😠‰) built into their processor. But if you have a really regular use of your PC for gaming, a graphics card is a real plus: superior graphics and beauty of the image, protection against tearing or lag… The question also arises for artists, graphic designers and other architects: if you are working on relatively light files, you don’t have to break the bank. On the other hand, if you are starting to make 3D or video, don’t skimp on the means!

Plugged in and connected:

Want to connect your PC to an HDTV? Check the presence of an HDMI output! Do you want to regularly connect an external hard drive, a graphics tablet or a whole bunch of accessories …? So plan several USB ports (or an accessory to multiply them).


The USB 2.0 ports allow you to connect the majority of current peripherals, but you might as well switch to USB 3.0.

USB-C (mini) ports can sometimes be the only connections offered. Be careful to provide an adapter to take with you!

The memory card reader is a plus for viewing your vacation photos or just adding more space. Attention, some readers are compatible only with SD cards, others are able to read several formats!

Wi-Fi is present on all laptops but comes in several more or less fast versions. It’s up to you to also check the presence of Bluetooth, a camera or other connectivity details according to your needs.

More autonomy, longer!

Drumming on your PC all day without having to plug it in… that would be ideal! But unfortunately, your choices always limit the autonomy of your future laptop PC. Here are the 3 points to know.


The smaller the screen, the less demand on the battery will be. Also gain autonomy by reducing the brightness of the screen!

The power

The more your resource requirement is important (for the game for example), the less the autonomy will be long. If your use is limited to office automation or navigation, it is therefore in your best interest to favor a less powerful machine!


A laptop battery is characterized by its capacity (expressed in mAh) and the number of cells that compose it (in relation to the voltage sent). More enduring batteries are also bulkier and heavier


Do you plan to travel in the coming months, or just be able to comfortably telework? In short, your main use will be in office automation: writing reports, consulting the internet, using a videophone, reading a few videos and… that’s about it? Don’t burden yourself with a racehorse and save on power and graphics card. On the other hand, do not limit yourself to accessories and connections so as not to find yourself stuck in the middle of a foreign country! Finally, choose a light weight and an easy to carry size, or even a hybrid model to transform into a tablet if you have a lot of reading!

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