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It’s funny how fashion trends evolve. A new fashion craze comes out, people instantly flock to it, and then a few months later it’s old news. One of these trends is mens pocket t-shirts. In addition to this trend, the upward surge in the trend of men’s fleece zip-up hoodies is also something you should keep an eye out for.

There are many reasons why men’s pocket t-shirts are fashionable.

One reason why pocket t-shirts are so popular is that you can find them at many different price points. No matter what your budget, you should be able to find a high-quality shirt that will look great on you.

Another great point about these shirts is that they’re versatile in their intended use. Not only can they be used as an undershirt, but they make for nice outerwear during the wintertime if paired with a stylish jacket or coat. Actually, these t-shirts can also be paired nicely with a men’s fleece zip-up hoodie for a warm touch to your outfit. Men’s fleece zip-up hoodie not only has a fashionable touch to them but are also immensely comfortable.

But these are the kind of things you know when you have a few style tips up your sleeve. Don’t have any? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Whether you’re new to the fashion scene or looking for ways to wear your own style on the go, here are some tips on how to wear a stylish man’s pocket t-shirt like a pro:

1) Understand what size of shirt you need:

Onekey piece of advice that we would give is understanding what size of shirt you need. These pocket shirts tend to run large in size. So if you’re a small guy, make sure it’s small. If you’re a big guy, make sure it’s big. If you’re medium, you’re good to go. Just be aware of what size you’re buying.

2) The right way to wear them:

Forpocket tees that have the button on the left, we recommend rolling up one of the sleeves and leaving the other down. It looks better with jeans and is also more comfortable than having both sleeves rolled up and down at once or having both sleeves down and hot weather conditions if you happen to live in someplace warm like Texas.

3) Wear them with jeans:

Styletip number three that we would like to impart on you is that pocket t-shirts look cool worn with jeans. This is what most of the men do and it works well. You can pair them with your favourite denim jeans, be it black, blue or even white.

4) Get creative with pockets:

Thistrick is for those of you who live in chillier areas like Minnesota or Wisconsin. If you buy a pocket t-shirt, it’s okay not to use all of its pockets, but there are some things we would recommend using on your t-shirts. One great idea is suspenders, they’re great for holding overhanging sleeves down. Also, belts are cool so you don’t have to roll up your sleeves. Also, one thing you can do with pocket t-shirts is instead of using pockets, you can use zippered pockets.

5) Wear them with socks/sandals/boots if you’re a big guy:

This tip is for big guys who are looking for ways to make their clothes look better on them. If you’re a big fella and want to wear pocket t-shirts but worry that they’ll look funny on you then it’s okay to wear them with socks or sandals or even boots. It looks good with boots because the shirt makes your legs look shorter and it makes your legs appear wider.

6) Wear them with baggy jeans:

This is another great tip is to wear your pocket t-shirts with baggy jeans. This looks very casual and looks great on most guys especially in the summertime when you’re outside playing basketball or whatever that big guy thing is that you do in the summertime.

7) Wear them with khaki pants:

We recommend wearing your pocket shirts with khaki pants if it’s the right season. Just throw on a black belt so it goes together, whether you have a pocket shirt or not. Khaki pants are very good for just about any season because you can wear them with t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, whatever. They’re very versatile.

8) Wear them with hats:

Wearing pocket t-shirts is okay but wearing them with hats is even better. Just make sure your hat is fitted or it’ll look like you’re trying too hard to look cool. A key tip for wearing hats with your pocket t-shirt is not to wear them on backwards; that’s what scrubs do. If you want to wear it on backwards then that’s fine, but if you want to look cool then don’t wear it like that.

9) Wear them with a men’s fleece zip up hoodie:

If it’s cold outside or if you’re going to be doing some kind of winter sporting activity where you want to keep warm, then wearing a hoodie is cool. It looks cool and it makes sure that your head doesn’t fall off so it works. One last tip is to wear a pocket t-shirt with a hoodie. Make sure the pocket t-shirt is underneath the hoodie, otherwise it’ll fly open and don’t look good at all.

10) Wear them with other types of shirts:

Here’s a final tip for those of you who aren’t sure how to wear men’s pocket t-shirts properly. If you don’t want to buy a pocket t-shirt, then it’s okay to wear a regular t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt. This works well if you’re going for a formal look. If you’re going for a casual look, it’s better to wear the pocket shirt by itself or with other types of tops like sweatshirts or button-ups.

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