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One of the fastest ways to kill your mood is getting stuck with a horrible internet connection. It completely ruins all your weekend plans of binge-watching your favorite show all night, playing games online with friends, or aimlessly scrolling through social media. A choppy internet connection is an easy one to spot. If your web pages take longer than usual to load, if the buffering icon keeps appearing on your screen, if your game keeps lagging endlessly, then, unfortunately, you’re a victim of a dead-end internet connection.
We’re sorry that you have to go through this, but you’re not the only one! Many people deal with a snail-speed internet connection by either switching to another provider, upgrading to a faster internet plan, or simply testing out hacks.
Luckily, you’ve come to the right place looking for help on boosting your Wi-Fi speed for endless streaming, gaming, and browsing! Check them out below!
• Encrypt Your Wi-Fi Network
One of the best ways to ensure 100% network security and fast internet speeds is configuring the network’s security settings. You might have come across a security protocol known as WPA2. It’s a security protocol that makes sure the network is protected by a password. A long and unique password prevents outsiders and hackers from entering the network and breaking through. The last thing you want is anyone connecting to your network whenever they want to use the internet and consume bandwidth meant for your usage.
• Rely on an Ethernet connection
Yes, wireless connections are convenient and easily available, but are they as powerful as a wired Ethernet connection? Wireless connections are easy to interrupt and distort while an Ethernet connection delivers the fastest available internet speeds across your devices at all times – during peak hours, bad weather conditions, high web traffic.
An Ethernet cable is a great investment if you’re looking for faster speeds, stable connectivity, and 100% reliability. They’re safer and convenient to use!
• Check Your Streaming Server
Test out your streaming service to double-check whether the poor video quality is caused by the internet connection or the service itself. Stream an HD video on YouTube instead of streaming a video on Amazon Prime or Netflix. This way you’ll understand how smooth HD streaming is on your Wi-Fi network.
But if the video keeps switching from HD to SD or even poorer quality and keeps buffering, maybe switch to another streaming service or switch to a resolution that supports the bandwidth.
• Switch Wi-Fi Bands
Your Wi-Fi network is comprised of multiple channels, covering various frequencies. But it doesn’t use them all. It only uses the ones that are free from any interference and overlap. For smooth internet connectivity, you have to make sure no two wireless networks are close to each other because this causes intense interference, signal dispersion, connection drops, longer loading times, buffering, and lagging.
You can always rely on online apps and software to learn which channels are overlapping so you can switch to a different band for zero interference and overlapping.
• Evaluate Router Placement
Is your router placed in a location away from where it can transmit signals equally to every corner of the house? Is it blocked by any electrical appliances, devices, or concrete obstacles? Make sure the Wi-Fi signals are free to move around without any signal distortion or interruption from other radio signals nearby.

To wrap it up

Fast internet speeds are a downright necessity in modern times. Not only are we super dependant on a fast Wi-Fi network, but our daily activities and tasks require a good internet connection to be fulfilled. Encrypt your Wi-Fi network with a password, change the router’s position, switch Wi-Fi bands, double-check your streaming server or test out an Ethernet connection to have a quality online experience.
Your internet service also makes a huge difference. Make sure you’re subscribed to the best service to receive the best internet speeds in your area. Sign up for a Spectrum internet package by getting in touch with the Servicio al cliente de Spectrum at telefono de Spectrum now!

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