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When the world was counting down for 2020, nobody had even the slightest idea of what the new year had in stock for us. 2020 was the year of changes; right from staying indoors to conducting events, everything saw a change. During that time, the global event industry came up with online or web events.
Due to the restrictions that the pandemic imposed on humankind, the need of the hour was to come up with an efficient way to organize and attend events without meeting in person. Hence, Virtual Events came into the picture.
Though virtual events have their advantages and they come with more ease, people could still feel the absence of physical events and physical venues.
Where some people feel virtual events are more beneficial, others would still prefer hosting physical events over their virtual counterparts.

Here, we have discussed how virtual venues and events stand apart from their physical counterparts and why they can be the best choice for your upcoming event.

Global Reach:

Since virtual events do not require you to travel from one location to another, they attract a global audience. Probably, the biggest advantage that virtual events come with is that virtual venues let the hosts tap on the attendees from all over the world. They come with physical restrictions and enable the organizers to enhance their audience and the brand’s reach. Also, the reason people like to attend virtual events is that they don’t demand the audience to dress up and spend money on travel and logistics.

Wider Audience:

Next benefit that virtual venues have over physical ones is that they do not have restrictions when it comes to the number of people who can attend the event. While some platforms do come with an upper limit of the attendees’ number it can accommodate at a given time, many others come without such limitations. It allows the organizers to target as many people for their virtual event.

Pocket Friendly:

Whilein-person events come with numerous expenses, their virtual counterparts fall easy on the pockets. Organizing a physical event means paying for the venue, logistics, and other ‘n’ number of expenditures. It also compels the hosts to offer expensive tickets to ensure they cover the event expenditures. Whereas, when you host an event over a virtual venue, all you need is an expert event solution. It allows the hosts to offer less expensive registrations, enabling them to attract more attendees.

In-Event Analytics:

One thing which is impossible in the case of an online event but can be done seamlessly with virtual venues is getting real-time analytics. It is nearly impossible for the organizers to keep track of attendees’ engagement data but, a virtual venue will let you do that without any effort. The in-event analytics come as a great help to the attendees for it enables them to measure the success of their event. Not to mention the Data Security at Virtual Events. Virtual venues come with highly secure interfaces and are reliable for the organizers to host an event.

Simpler Registrations:

A virtual event and venue come in a full package. Where a physical event has everything scattered around, an online event venue has everything in place. It applies to the registration also; you do not have to run around with registration forms and tickets. Your online event platform will enable the attendees to register for the event through a simple process. Once your attendees register, they will be sent a confirmation email. No more long queues demanding you to stand in the scorching heat.

Easy to Collect Feedback:

Another notable feature of virtual venues is they make it easier for you to collect feedback from attendees. In comparison to regular events, one can send instant feedback forms to the audience after the event’s completion. To make it more convenient for the hosts, several platforms automatically roll out feedback forms to the registered email ids as soon as the event finishes.

Lesser Time to Prepare:

Movingonto the next advantage of virtual events, they require less time to prepare. Where the organizers need months to plan a physical event, the duration gets reduced in virtual events. You do not need to book venues and caterers in advance. All you need is an expert virtual assistant to help you host a seamless event. However, as a host, you still need to prepare for the virtual event, just the time gets reduced.

Now that you know the benefits of hosting events over virtual venues, here are some reasons that state why some people still prefer hosting events in an in-person venue.

Face to Face Interaction:

Starting with the most prominent and clear reason people prefer attending physical events is that they enable them to have face-to-face interaction with their fellow attendees. Though we live in the era of highly advanced technology, virtual events still lack the feeling of interaction that comes with an in-person event.

Fewer Distractions:

Yes, virtual events come with ease; they also come with several distractions. Not only this, people find it difficult to attend events over 3D virtual event platforms for a longer duration. There is a term for the exhaustion coming with virtual events, ‘Zoom Fatigue.’ But, this is not the case with in-person events; people do not find it challenging to attend longer-duration physical events. Since there is lesser internet involvement, they find them less distracting also.

No Involvement of Technology:

Though ours is a technical-dominating era; there is still a majority of the population that either does not have access to suitable technology or is not comfortable with it. Hence, they do not find virtual events convenient and prefer to attend an in-person event. Many platforms have a very seamless interface, still, people are inclined to their in-person counterparts.

Though the shift of early 2020 was not easy for everyone, be it the organizers or the attendees, virtual events are slowly gearing up. In no time, virtual events and venues have gained their place in people’s hearts. However, due to the above-mentioned reasons, a portion of the audience still prefers hosting and attending in-person events.
But we hope this blog has helped you get the clarity you were looking for regarding virtual and physical events.


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