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Foundation is one of the most complicated cosmetics to apply. Foundation help to hide blemishes, spot, and uneven skin. So, the foundation helps to achieve flawless skin with a glowing face. However, applying foundation is not an easy task. Most people end up with a caky and broken foundation. So, people need to master the technique to apply foundation perfectly.
Foundation is available in various types. The popular types of foundation are the liquid foundation, serum foundation, cream foundation, stick foundation, and more. You can find numerous foundation boxes in the shop. It is a misconception that foundations are expensive; you can find several products within an affordable range. Also, many sellers supply products in bulk, so you can purchase foundation boxes at wholesale rate.

Steps for applying Perfect Foundation:

The purchase of a suitable foundation is as important as its application. You have to purchase a foundation that suits your skin type and skin color. Moreover, different foundation types offer different coverage. So go through the foundation boxes and get the foundation you prefer. After purchase of suitable foundation, follow the following steps to get the perfect look:

Cleanse the Skin:

Before applying foundation face must be properly cleansed. Impurities like dirt, oil, sweat or anything else can disturb the look of foundation. A cleanse skin will have smooth application. So, before the application cleanse the skin properly. For this, you can use makeup remover, cleanser or micellar water.

Prepping the Skin:

After cleansing, the next step is to prep the skin. This step involves hydrating or moisturizing the skin. The prepping of skin helps to add a layer of moisturizer and prevents drying. So when the foundation is applied, it will not be flaky. The moisturizer not only keeps your skin hydrated but also makes it smooth and plump. So one can get a non-caky foundation.

Put on Primer:

Many people skip the step of primer. But using a primer is always a better option, especially if you have porous or uneven skin. The use of primer depends on the types of foundation as well. If you are using a dry foundation, it is best to apply primer to get a smooth look.

Move from Center to Outward:

When applying foundation, always start from the center. This method helps to apply foundation where it is necessary. So one has to move smoothly from center to outward. This will ensure that areas that are more prone to yellowing are properly covered. Also, smooth moving helps to get an even look.

Dab with Foundation Brush:

First, a person has to dab the foundation over their face. For this, use a foundation brush instead of a hand or any other tool. The use of this tool is essential to ensure that you get a skin-like finish. These foundation brush helps to get coverage smoothly without streakiness. However, the use of hand or other tools will make creases and uneven spread of the foundation.

Blend with a Makeup Sponge:

Now the foundation is applied and dabbed, but it still has to be blended. Blending is essential as it ensures that the whole face has the same foundation coverage. For this, a damp sponge is used. Sponges are very used to blend the foundation perfectly. However, never swipe the sponge that will be blending. The swiping of the sponge gives a patchy finish as it lifts the foundation from the skin. The blending will make the foundation melt and look natural.

Concealer for Dark Circles:

After setting the foundation, use concealer for any marks. The concealer can be used for acne, blemishes, dark circles, or other skin spots. The foundation even out the skin tone while concealer covers any skin concerns. The concealer is applied in specified areas and is blended to get a natural finish.

Set it:

After application, it is essential to set up the whole look. For this, use the compact face powder to give the last fluff for setting the foundation. These are lightly dusted on the face to keep the foundation and concealer in place. This set is significant for many people, especially those with oily skin. Also, these final steps help to prevent creasing and caking up of the foundation and ensure longer wearing of the foundation.


In conclusion, for a perfect foundation look, you have to follow several steps and use the product properly. Also, it is essential to buy a foundation that suits your skin type and color. For this, go through foundation boxes, especially those sold at wholesale, for cost-effective purchase.

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