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It’s common to get your hands and fingers injured if you are working in the oil and gas industry. However, the right PPE can prevent these injuries to a large extent.
You have to understand the risks and then select the right PPE to protect your hands from any damage that might happen. But what would be the type of hand protection that oil and oil rig workers need? In one word, the answer is gloves.
But will any glove do? No. Most oil and gas workers would need impact-resistant and oil-resistant gloves to keep their hands protected from the elements of the industry.
Let’s see why impact gloves for oilfield are so important and how to choose the right pair.

Hand Injuries are Common in the Oil and Gas Industry

There’s no doubt that many workplaces are such that there’s a chance of hand and finger injuries happening. However, the numbers soar for the oilfield and oil rig workers. For the oil and gas industry, 50% of all incidents are related to hand and finger injuries, and it’s even more than that in some facilities. Hand injuries in the oil and gas industry come only second to back injuries.
Here are some statistics related to hand and finger injuries in the oil and gas industry:
• The most common type of injury encountered by oil and gas workers are impact and crushing.
• Cuts and lacerations account for 7% of all oil and gas injuries, and 13% of them are considered serious which can be costly to treat.
• 81% of workers who get injured say that they were not wearing gloves when the incident took place.

Impact Resistant Gloves

From the above statistics, it’s more than clear that hand injuries are extremely common in the oil and gas industry. But how to prevent that?
Viable ways include safety training, behavioral changes, and others that promise to reduce hand injuries at the workplace. But the most important factor in reducing hand injuries is wearing the proper PPE.
Impact-resistant gloves are important for oil and oil rig workers for reducing hand injuries. Studies show that there was a sharp fall in the number of hand injuries, up to about 50% when proper impact-resistant gloves were worn.

How to Choose Impact Resistant Gloves?

Fortunately, impact-resistant gloves come in several materials and sizes. But you have to choose carefully. While choosing impact-resistant gloves, look for one that has materials like flexible thermoplastic rubber. You also need to make sure that the knuckles, fingertips, and the back of the hands are covered with the material.
Workers in the oil and gas industry may also need oil and other petrochemicals resistant gloves to perform optimally.

Features to Consider when Choosing Impact Resistant Gloves

Today, impact-resistant gloves come with a number of added functionalities. Here are a few things to consider when buying impact-resistant gloves.
Longevity: Always look for high-quality gloves that last long and you do not need to replace those on a regular basis.
Also, look for gloves that have an antimicrobial lining or barrier which works in keeping the hands dry and healthy.
Dexterity is another factor that you need to consider. Choose gloves that don’t take away from the flexibility of the workers’ hands.
Look for gloves that come with wrist closure. This will keep out debris and keep the insides of the gloves clean.

Choose the Right Size

It’s also important that you choose the right size of gloves. Choosing a bigger or smaller pair of gloves is a strict no because when workers cannot move their hands as they should, accidents become more common.
Also, when the gloves get uncomfortable, workers are less likely to wear them consistently.
Thus you can see, how important impact-resistant gloves are for the oil and gas industry workers. If you are looking to buy impact gloves for oilfield, you can always turn to us for the finest gloves.




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