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When the windshield of a car shatters or gets damaged, it is really important to fix the damage as soon as possible. You should not think of driving your car with any unfixed windshield problem. It will only be dangerous for you to drive such a car. You might not get clear visibility while driving, which might result in causing an accident. After all, you might not properly see the road and spot road hazards on time to avoid a collision. Moreover, driving a car with a chipped or cracked windshield is illegal. That’s why you should think of fixing the problem as soon as possible, rather than driving with high risk.

To fix the problem, you need to decide whether you should get your windshield replaced or repaired. Many people face trouble in determining whether they should go for a car glass repairing service or replacement service. If you are also having trouble deciding, don’t worry! We have brought this article to help you. We have mentioned some points below for you to determine which service for car window repairs you should go for. Please continue reading to have a better understanding. So, let’s begin!

When Should You Repair the Entire Windshield of Your Car?

We have listed down some points that you should consider before planning to get your car’s windshield repaired. You can only go for a windshield repairing service if:
● Your car will still remain safe after fixing the damage and can withstand an impact during any collision in the future.
● The crack is shorter than 12 inches. Or, the bullseye or chip is smaller than 1 inch.
● Only the outer layer 0of your windshield is damaged.
● The chip or the crack on the glass is not close enough to the outer margin of the glass.

By now, you must have understood the situations you can consider repairing your car’s windshield, rather than getting it replaced. If you notice that the damage to your windshield falls in any of the above categories, you can simply go for the repairing service. However, if things are not really clear to you, you can reach out to a nearby auto repair center and consult them.

When Should You Replace the Entire Windshield of Your Car?

Now, let’s see the situation when you should think of getting your car’s windshield replaced. You should consider getting a car windshield replacement service if:
● The windshield is damaged to the point that repairing cannot fix the problem. Even if you get it repaired, it might impair the driver’s visibility and might not withstand the impact of any future collision.
● The crack is longer than 14 inches. Or, the bullseye or chip is larger than 3 inches.
● The inner layer of your car’s windshield has also been broken.
● The damage of the windshield is close to or reaches an edge or corner of the windshield.

Hopefully, now, you have understood when you should go for a car window glass replacement service. If you notice that your car’s windshield has any of the above problems, it is pretty much obvious that you need a car window glass replacing service. However, you can take your car to a car repairing technician for advice.

The Bottom Line

We have tried our best to help it determine on your own when you should get a car window glass replacement or repairing service. Hopefully, when your car’s windshield gets damaged the next time, you will be able to decide which service of car window repairs you need. However, if you are still confused, you can simply visit the nearest auto car repairing center. The professional car repairing technicians will provide you with a bit of even better advice for your car windshield. Finally, it is you who have to make the final call. So, think carefully and do the right thing.

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