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These days a high speed internet is the need of every single user. Without the internet we are nothing. So for a high speed connection, There may be different kinds of wireless routers available in the market but which one is the best? This question will always confuse us. You can use any router to use an internet connection, But what about the wireless range. A router is capable of providing you network range but not so wide. If you wish to use a wide range of coverage you must need to install a totolink wireless extender between your extender and router. It will extend the network range of your wireless router over a large area.

The totolink wireless range extender is the best that has many advanced features. It supports dual band frequency by covering all the dead zone areas. It has 2.4ghz and 5ghz band’s that will amplify the signal more strongly and allow a high speed or wide range coverage. In order to complete the totolink extender setup. You must need to access the totolink login panel. Here after login you can easily access your extender settings and make changes according to your need.

How to configure totolink wireless extender?

Totolnk wireless extender is a dual band extender that helps to boost the wireless signal of your wireless router. It will catch the signal from your router and expand it over a large area without any issue. In order to access all the advanced features of your totolink wireless extender you must need to access the administration login portal.

You can also configure the wireless router by using the mobile app or by online web browsing method. But be sure that your wireless extender is connected with the power source and working properly. You can setup your extender using two ways: WPS setup or browsing method. Here are steps to configure it properly.

Totolink extender configuration using WPS
If you want to configure your extender using the WPS button. You must connect your extender to a working electrical outlet and power it “ON”. Wait for sometime, then simply press the WPS button of your wireless repeater using a paper clip. Now, Enable the WPS of your wireless router by pressing the button. Your wireless router will automatically get connected with the totolink wireless extender secretly

Keep in mind –

● Before setting up your repeater with the router using the WPS button, You need to ensure that your traditional router supports WPS setup. Because some routers have no WPS feature.

● Place your totolink wireless range extender in the nearest location of your router. To create a WPS connection. Otherwise the connection may interrupt and it will not connect with the repeater.

Configuration of totolink extender using web browser
If your wireless router does not supports, WPS method then you will need to configure your repeater manually by using the online web browser. To do this you must connect your repeater to the router by using an ethernet cable. Then simply open the Wireless settings of your device mobile/pc/laptop and search for nearby active wireless networks. Click to your repeater Wi-Fi network and connect with it.

Simply open any web browser on your same device. In the URL box search for totolink.login or the default IP Address. It will take you to the admin login panel of your repeater. Here you just need to enter the login credentials. The default is “ADMIN”. Enter the details correctly and click to login. After clicking you will directly redirect to the setup wizard page. Follow the manual instructions to set up your repeater properly.

Keep in mind –

● You must connect your device mobile/pc/laptop to the repeater wireless network. You can not access the admin login panel using the mobile data or any other wireless network.

● Type right IP Address or correct login credentials in the admin panel. In order to make a login. The login details are also mentioned on the manual PDF.

Troubleshoot : Totolink wireless extender not showing the network
This kind of problem can occur due to countless reasons. You can easily fix the issue by following methods that are given below.

● Restart your wireless range repeater.
● Perform a factory reset.
● Configure your extender properly.
● Change the SSID network name or delete unwanted SSID.

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