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A basic Xiaomi handset is called the Redmi 10. If all you are concerned about is cost, it is the phone to buy. The price starts at PS179.

The difference between the models branded ‘Redmi Note’ was how big the screens were, however, this is no longer the case. Redmi 10 has a 6.5in display that is larger than the 6.43in display of the Redmi Note 10S, and identical to that of the regular Redmi Note 10.

Except for The Redmi Note 10 Pro, with an entry-level Snapdragon 732G processor There are lower-powered MediaTek processors within these phones. They do focus on battery life and value for price.

The normal Redmi Note 10 is closest to the entry-level Redmi 10 in its specification However, it’s similar to the Redmi 10S. The 10S is slightly superior in terms of cameras and faster charging. It’s the very first smartphone that comes with MIUI 12.5 (Xiaomi’s customised variant of Android 12 here, with no software bloatware) however, there isn’t much difference between the two.

Redmi Note 10 Pro is the most powerful model of the series, and it is positioned towards the middle of the spectrum. It’s where you’ll find the perfect balance of price and performance.

Note that in certain markets, specifications and even the names could be different. For instance in India there’s a difference in the naming of it is the Redmi Note 10 Pro is more commonly referred to in the form of the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max while the Redmi Note 10S is referred to as the Redmi Note 10 Pro.

If you’re buying it outside of Mi Store, the only Official Mi Store then we advise that you check the specifications to make sure you know what version you’re purchasing.

Do all Xiaomi phones have 5G support?

In the latest main series of phones, that includes Mi 11 and 11T models all Xiaomi phones can be used with 5G. There’s also an alternative version that is not 5G-compatible, the Mi 11 Lite, but it’s not available in the UK.

In the lower-end Redmi range it is the only model that supports 5G. Redmi Note 10 is compatible with 5G (the more expensive Pro model doesn’t). The only alternative Redmi phone that has 5G support is the earlier-generation Redmi Note 9T.

In the Poco line sold in the UK only the F2 Pro, F3 and M3 Pro are compatible with 5G. The more modern Poco X3 GT and Poco F3 GT are also compatible with 5G, but they are not yet available for purchase within the UK. Check out Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Touch Screen DigitizerXiaomi Redmi Models Explained price online in India.

We’ll add them to our list when they become available for purchase and for now, you are able to read our complete review of the devices (see Poco X3 GT review; Poco F3 GT review).

Where do the Mi A-series and Mi Mix fit in?

The A-series models have been defunct However, they used to be popular in the UK and Europe because of its use with Android One over MIUI.

However it is true that Mi Mix is a Mi Mix line that tends to be more groundbreaking in its design and features, which is why they don’t have a regular release schedule. We have seen that the Mi Mix Fold announced in China in March 2021 however, it’s not sold within the UK.

There are still some Mi Mix 3 models where the stocks last but they’re starting to become a little old to be recommended by us.

Mi Mix 3 was initially famous for being the first Xiaomi slider phone, which concealed the camera for selfies behind the display. It also gained fame later on for being one of the first and cheapest 5G phones sold in the UK.

Do I want to purchase the Xiaomi smartphone from China?

In the past, we’ve often used Chinese importers like GearBest and Geekbuying for sending us Xiaomi phone models. They used to have prices that were much less expensive that we could find in the UK. Buy redmi 9 prime touch screen digitizer online at low price.

It’s now more difficult to discover Xiaomi phones that are available on these platforms. However, should you find an offer you like, you’ll need to keep an eye on:

Make sure that you buy a model that has an Global ROM installed, or that you’re ready to play around with the program when you receive it (novice users should steer clear of this). The Global models are fully connected to Google services as well as an interface that is English-language right out from the beginning.

If you purchase an unintentionally Chinese ROM version and want to install Google Play, we’ve outlined ways to set up Google Play on a Xiaomi phone here.

If you’re purchasing from China you must consider that your rights as a consumer are different than when you purchase from Europe. If something goes wrong, you’ll encounter support after sales that are more challenging.

Finally, delivery isn’t always easy. The delivery time will be longer generally, but there are generally free and express shipping alternatives. Beyond that there may be additional costs that are not disclosed:

you could be asked to pay an import duty at the time of the phone’s arrival in the UK that is determined by 20% of the amount listed on the shipping document typically, plus an administrative cost.

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